A note from our founder

We all need motivation and a healthy, trustworthy resource to turn to when we need that extra push. Body by Brabants was created to be just that, starting with a nutrient-rich, natural energy drink, BBB Vitamina, that will help jumpstart your mental and physical wellness journey in 2021 with a formula designed to be an upgrade from what you were drinking before – because your body, and your energy, deserve the absolute best.

A health and wellness brand founded by Kelly Brabants, the creator of Booty by Brabants, think of Body by Brabants as Booty’s sister; an extension of the community-based workout and leggings brand that unites and empowers women across the world to be their strongest and most confident selves.

At her core, Kelly is a fitness instructor and inspirational mentor to many known for her comprehensive expertise in the wellness industry and genuine, transparent business model that invites her community to be a part of every product she puts out – from her leggings, to her class choreography, to her newest Body by Brabants product, Kelly is an entrepreneur and visionary that truly creates for others and with a mission to make the world a more positive, balanced place.

When the Booty by Brabants workout went virtual in response to the pandemic in March of 2020, thousands of people were now tuning in and experiencing Kelly’s class at once. One of the most asked questions was: “what’s in your water bottle?” followed by a new demand for her “bottled up energy.” The concept of Body by Brabants quickly turned into Kelly’s next venture, where she combined everything she loved about natural energy drinks with her favorite Brazilian flavors and made it her own.

As Booty by Brabants continues to grow, Body by Brabants will grow alongside her with the goal to provide a complete lifestyle when fused together.

Eating a well-balanced diet and fueling our bodies with nutrients from whole foods should always be a top priority, but it is normal to fall short of key nutrients and the correct supplements can fill those gaps in our diets. Kelly combined everything she loves about natural energy drinks, essential vitamins, and her favorite Brazilian flavors to create Body’s first product, BBB Vitamina. Now you know what has been in her water bottle during her workouts, and we cannot wait for it to be in yours, too!

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